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Where are backflow devices installed?

Fire hose reels. Commercial bin wash areas. Commercial kitchens. Chemical areas. Pool top-up systems. Irrigation water supplies. Water tank systems in town water areas.

What do they do?

They prevent contamination of the mains water supply.
Sewerage from being sucked back into the drinking water.
Chemicals from irrigation systems entering the water supply. Pool water from re-entering water supply.

See the Sunshine Coast Council website for more information on Backflow Prevention Devices

Why do they need to be tested?

To make sure they are functioning correctly. To ensure the correct device for the application. It is a mandatory requirement that all backflow valves are tested annually and the reports sent to your local council.

What do they look like?

Services : What do we do?

We will record your backflow valves on our system so that we can remind you when your devices are due for testing.

We will ring you to get authority to test your valves.

We will test your backflow valve for correct operation and retention of pressures required.

We will get authority to carry out any repairs on failed devices.

We will submit all necessary forms to your local council.

Our backflow test kits are tested each year for accuracy and certification.

Multiple valves

We offer a reduced price for 3 or more valves.


We are members of Backflow Prevention Association of Australia.

We are members of Backflow Prevention Association of Australia

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